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Tiles for the Portable wargame

 I have begun work on my 8cm square tiles for the project.

The ones in the photo below are the basic road and grassed tiles, and I have hills, forests, rivers and towns to follow when I have time to do more work on the tiles.

2024 projects and a restart of my blog

 This is my first blog post in a few years. A lot has happened since I last posted here, much of which I wont go in to details of.

But, I have been tinkering away in the background on my hobbies over the last few years, and in an effort to be more productive with them, and in an attempt to minimise my use of social media, I will post more here.

So, I am currently playing a 'County Road Z' zombie apocalypse campaign with a work friend that has never wargamed before. He is enjoying the game and we are up to campaign turn 4.

I purchased A Fistful of Tows, and will try to build two armies for solo play during the year.

I have painted up some Pendraken 10mm WW1 miniatures, and so far have a small force of both British and German, with some French undercoated ready to add to the collection.

I am also very interested in Pendraken Miniatures Boer War range, and hope to paint up some tiny armies to play out games from the second half of the war.

I have ordered some 6mm 3D printed Napoleonic miniatures, and originally they were for use with the "Soldiers of Napoleon" set of rules, but I think I will use the 'Portable Wargame" rules instead, as I don't have a lot of room to set up a full table.

Mentioning the Portable Wargame, some 8cm square MDF tiles arrived in the mail today, and I will begin making terrain tiles for the game using them. 

The photo below is of some of the tiles laid out. I have enough for an 8 x 9 square battlefield, and extras to make hill and forest tiles as needed.

I am also intendingn to use my 10mm WW1 figures with the Portable Wargame, so will be experimenting with some trench tiles to see if I can make something half decent to represent trenches. 

I also have a 28mm WW2 Syrian Campaign project I am working on, with some Australians and Vichy French in the lead pile. This will be a skirmish game.

Highland Minotaur game - some Highlanders?

Flags of war have been posting some photos of their greens from their upcoming Jacobite Rebellion range on facebook, and they look perfect for my game concept.

Image from direct link posted by Flags of War

These character figures, and some of the standard Highlanders would be perfect as part of the Minotaur's warband for taking on the sassenachs.

Image from direct link posted by Flags of War

Now, I know I have a very poor chance of painting Tartan on miniatures, but I hope to attempt a reasonable copy of the Clan Duncan tartan, as I have a healthy bit of Duncan blood in my ancestry:

So if anyone has any tips for painting tartan, please let me know.  And no, I don't want any suggestions on buying a pot of tartan paint.