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Highland Minotaur game - some Highlanders?

Flags of war have been posting some photos of their greens from their upcoming Jacobite Rebellion range on facebook, and they look perfect for my game concept.

Image from direct link posted by Flags of War

These character figures, and some of the standard Highlanders would be perfect as part of the Minotaur's warband for taking on the sassenachs.

Image from direct link posted by Flags of War

Now, I know I have a very poor chance of painting Tartan on miniatures, but I hope to attempt a reasonable copy of the Clan Duncan tartan, as I have a healthy bit of Duncan blood in my ancestry:

So if anyone has any tips for painting tartan, please let me know.  And no, I don't want any suggestions on buying a pot of tartan paint.

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colinmnash said...

Hey Shelldrake, Been thinking about a name for you ... this is the best I've come up with so far ... Duncan "Beefy Bull" MacDonald, Laird of the Cai Fold.

Probably not the best, & not very punny, but maybe it'll give you some ideas?