Blotz 28mm 'Spawning pool' for charity

As part of recent order from Blotz (link here: Blotz ) in the UK I received a piece of scenery that I didn't order.

 I contacted them to let them know that they made a mistake and that I would be happy to pay for it, as I think I can use the spawning pool for a game.

The reply came that it was included in the parcel to add a bit of firmness to the packet during shipping, and the spawning pool was in fact an item that didn't pass the quality control, and as such, wasn't sellable .

spawning pool is to the right in the photo

I put the pool together this morning, and there was one or two places that weren't quite cut though by the laser, but nothing a bit of sanding wont fix.

The made pool - I have put it together, but not glued it yet

Seeing as it was free as it were, this gave me an idea.

I would like to paint it up and make it a half decent piece of scenery for a game and give it to someone. But, rather than just give it, I want to raise money for a charity, with one of people that donates going in a draw to win the item.

 I could use the pool myself for a fantasy game, a pulp game or even a 1920's horror game, but the idea using something I didn't pay for to help a charity appeals to me more.

This is where my plan comes undone; I have no idea how to go about this.

Can anyone reading this post suggest how I could go about rainsing money and giving the pool to someone?

Should I nominate a charity and anyone proving they donated (a screen shot of a completed invoice maybe?) or should I set up an online charity and people donate to it?

I have never done this type of thing before, so I would really appreciate some assistance.

oh, and please feel free to share this post with others via social media if you think it will help raise money for charity.

One of  charities I would consider helping out is "Solider On Australia". Given that our hobby relates to military conflict, and I am about to complete my 26th year in the military, I think something like this might be appropriate.

Video of Germans trained Chinese troops

I just came across this video on youtube about the Chinese Nationalist army and their German friends.

Great for a bit of inspiration.

Setting up for my first China vs Australia WW2 game

A couple of photos showing the Australians on patrol in the Jungle:

This scene will be the jump off point for the game - the Australians have to reach a number of patrol points before making it back to the other side of the river.

I will be playing with the DH: Point Blank rules, and using Platoon Forward for the management of the enemy. Although Platoon Forward is geared to, well..,, a Platoon, I am adapting the supplement to smaller sized units.

I am also thinking of remaking my jungle scenery to make it look a lot more 'sexier'.