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Of Dungeons

Almost a year ago I was contemplating a dungeon style game, and I have finally begun work on it.

I have finished off a couple of fantasy figures I have had lying around for three or four years now, and started work on some others.

At the beginning of August I ordered some Hirst Arts pieces - almost 4 kg to be precise. I somehow did my dungeon tile math wrong and ordered more tiles than I thought, but I am happy with that, as it allowed me to make more of a dungeon.

 The tiles arrived last week, and I have assembled them in various sized to allow for different room and corridor configurations.

 With some spare tiles I made two secret doors:

And here is a photo of a Mage character and a skeleton:

A Reaper Miniature

Skeleton from the Celtos range, sans shield

 I need to visit a hardware store to get some paint for the dungeon tiles, and the bases on the miniatures will be done once I have the paint and some more pollyfilla to do work on them.

The Hirst Arts tiles were a lot better than I was expecting, and I have had a lot of fun working with them.

This has only started a bug in me though - as now I want to get more Hirst Arts to make all different kinds of things.