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Star Wars X-wing Co-Op campaign rules

Again this is something I found else where and had no hand in creating it at all.

Someone has come up with some Star Wars X-wing solo/co-op campaign rules, and I like them so much I feel they should be shared:

X-wing co-op rules link

A lot of work has gone in to making the rules, and I think it will help rejuvenate my interest in the game.

video on making trees

I get a hobby email sent to me each week, and this tutorial was in this week's email.

I didn't make the video, I am just letting others know of it's existence.

There is a bit of work needed to make the trees, but I get the feeling once you have made some it would be much faster to make lots in one go.

I really like how the tree trunk is made too.

I might have a crack at using some of the ideas for making some trees, but only not so tall.