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The Rules With No Name - Comanche War Party

One of my all time favourite games is the Wild West rules "The Rules With No Name".

This is one project I will not be selling off, as westerns are a whole lot of fun to play.

 So I was happy to see the Warlord Games are releasing some mins for Black Powder that are perfect for a Wild West setting: Plains Wars.

I have no idea if these are new releases or something that has been around for a while, but  hopefully there will be a lot more release than the Comanche War Party on show below:

I also hope they will release the figures in smaller backs as $120AUD+ for a couple of figures is a bit on the hard to justify buying side of things.

IHMN - new figure to buy

Whilst checking the web for my daily wargame news I saw that Artizan Designs have released some new figures, one of which is perfect for a character with Mystic Powers:

The figure can be found as part of a new range known as the "Midnight Workshop" here.

I still have a few funds in my pay pal account from a recent sale, so I might buy this figure to add to my Company for the game.

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I was able to play an introductory game of IHMN last night with my friend, and we found that if figures move that it is almost impossible to shoot and hit any target.

 In the end we adjusted the movement 'to hit' penalties very slightly, and this allowed for  a better chance to actually hit something and still give a sporting chance to the target.