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A mine field

After reading an excellent article on using flywire to make barbed wire for WW2 i applied the same techinque to make a section of a mine field.

This model is about 11 cm long x 9 cm wide.

As soon as i can get a colour print out i intend to place an mine warning sign on one side of the field.

I intend to make more sections that can be added next to each other for longer emplacements - although i may not use the grass flock on the base and instead just keep it as over turned soil.

"...And All For One" : the Three Musketeers

There are a few different companies making Three Musketeer figures, but for me the best by far are the 40mm range from Eureka Miniatures (and no, i don't own shares in the company and i am not recieving kick backs for all the postitive feed back i give about Eureka).

The large scale figures have amazing detail and even look like the actors than played the roles in the 1970's film "The Three Musketeers" and the sequal "The Four Musketeers".

Not only are these figures fantastic, but there is plenty of scenery you can buy such as tables, barrels and even geese.

If this wasnt enough to tempt those wanting to wargame the Three Musketeers, then Eurkea Miniatures also has a free set of rules you can download from their site. These are a fantastic set of rules - very easy to learn and play.

For an overview of the rules, the actual rules and some photos of the minitures go to this link:

And All For One

There is also a forum moderated by the writer of the rules: Anubis Studios It is unfortunate that the forum isnt that often visited, but with more people playing the game i am sure that would change.

Any way, here are some photos of two figures i have painted: D'Artagnan and a Cardinal Guard

The wargames i play

Apart from the Zombie campaign i play (see links), i also game the Crimean war, the American Civil war, WW1 and WW2 land battles, Pulp, Vietnam, Modern Conflicts, WW2 Naval, WW1 and WW2 Aerial Dogfights. This covers some of the games i like to play.
I also play Flashpoint Vietnam which are a great set of rules made in New Zealand.

Most games i play are skirmish games, but my Crimean war and ACW are played on a larger scale using 15mm figures.

I am sure if i had the time and money then i would have far more figures and games that i would play.

I also tinker around with what i call Alternative History - creating what if situtations within a historical setting.

This doesnt mean i have alien lizards invading the world during WW2 as can be found in a series of novels.

What it means is that i keep the historical setting and play out what may have been if things had taken a different turn of events, such as what would have happened if Winston Churchill and General Patton entered into a conflict with Russia in 1945, something that had actually been planned for.