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X-wing PBB - new player needed!

I am now down to one player for the trial x-wing PBB, so if anyone else that reads my blog is interested in playing, please let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section.

X-wing - giving movement orders

I just realised that movement orders for the x-wing PBB will need to be given in a way that is easy enough for everyone to understand.

Thus I am posting the following image with an explanation on how to give orders:

Each player gives their movement as a two figure number. The first number is the line (1 to 4 for the x-wing and 1 to 5 for the tie fighter in the image above).  The second number will be the column (left to right) to use for the movement.

 Thus the Tie fighter has a 51 to represent the top line and the only column in that row, which is a 5 straight move.  A 31 = line 3 and column 1 is a left hand turn.  a 42 is a speed 4 koiogran turn.

Thus a player only needs to type a short email for their turn.

Example: X-wing player sends: 32, target nearest enemy, focus.

Hopefully this is easy enough.

X-wing PBB update and the rules for the PBB

 X-wing PBB update:

Rather than take up my usual wargaming area I have dusted off an old card table that is just under the recommended 3' x 3' playing area for X-wing, and as I wanted to make the game look a bit better, I ordered a black piece of cloth via ebay to go over it.

 With any luck, the cloth will arrive next week.   Once that is done I anticipate the game can start with a minimum of delay.

In the mean time, here is an image I found on the interweb to make this post a little less boring:

How the game will work/play out:

Each player will be contacted via email to get the information on which ship/pilot/upgrade they will use for the game.

The scenario being played will be a 'chance encounter' with ships being set up on opposing sides and they will 'have at it'.

The game will continue until one side either moves their ship(s) off the playing area or all of their ship(s) are destroyed.

Once I have set up the game I will post a photo of the playing area on my blog.

Each player is to then email me with there manoeuvres and actions for the turn.

I will then move the ships according to the player's direction, as per the rules and post the results along with photos of the movement phase, the combat phase and the end phase showing all dice rolls etc used with each phase.

Once a turn is over, players then submit new orders and the process begins again until someone wins.

With only two players I envisage that the game can be played as fast as players submit turns. Thus if players take their time to give me their orders I will wait for a week before pushing on with the turn... unless informed as to a delay by a player (to allow for real life situations).

IMPORTANT - I will automatically conduct combat unless told not to do so for a turn.  I will also automatically modify attack dice based on any actions submitted by a player unless they instruct me to do otherwise.

 The attacker will always use a target lock and a focus when attacking unless I am instructed to keep the focus to modify defence dice for that turn.

The defender will always spend a focus and evade to modify dice unless I am directed otherwise.

If any player gives an order that is illegal I will modify the move to the next closest matching move if possible, and if a move will take them off the table I will modify the move to keep them on the table unless it is mentioned in an email that the player wants a ship(s) to exit the playing area.

Any questions?

X-wing stuff

I have managed to play a game of x-wing by myself using an app on my new smart phone (yes, I am starting to use technology!) that is the app version of a set of solo rules.

 The app was very useful and helped to learn the rules.

I also picked up an A-wing and a Tie Interceptor to add to the collection, so I now hav a few more options for a play by blog.

With the play by blog - I have two players I need to test play a game, but I think using the mission editor might be unusable due to not having the turning templates at part of it - any movement I change on the playing area would be guesstimation only.

What I can do is set a game up on a portable table and take photos for folks to look at and then have the players submit their turns and what they want to do with tokens for that turn etc.

Ships I can use for the game, and thus ships players need in order to be able to submit orders etc are:

X-Wing (basic box set) x1
A-Wing (add on pack) x1
Tie Fighter (basic box set) x2
Tie Interceptor (add on pack) x1

Players can chose from those ships for the game.

Clint - I have your email/you have mine to use for sending orders for the game, but I need "sevenbastard"'s email. - if 'sevenbastard' could let me know his email I can see about starting a game.

Clint - as you were first to put your hand up, do you want to play Rebel or Empire?

Once I have everybody's email I will contact them in regards to setting up the game.

Video on making trees

I saw this on the interweb and thought it worth sharing:

 I have a few of these ferns at my place, and one or two of the fronds are looking quite dead, so I wont need to cut up the healthy parts and dry them out before I can try it out.

last post was in February?!

Wow, I didn't realise that my last post on this blog was so long ago.

Rather that go over every thing I mentioned in my zombie blog, you can read it here to catch up:


For non zombie things wargame wise, I have also been chipping away at a few projects, but really need to get some paining done.

I have a number of 15mm aliens for a too-close encounter of the third kind with my modern Aussies.

 The figures I have added to this are some Khurasan aliens (which are based and prepped) and some bug aliens from Rebel Minis.

I have some 28mm Mud Men for playing Pulp Alley, and a few French and Indian war figures for the same reason... only a F&IW setting, not a Pulp setting :-P

 On a totally different tangent, I picked up a copy of Star Wars X-wing yesterday. Having played Wings of War I was only too happy to make the move across the the Star Wars version of the game.

 I downloaded the solo play app from Google play to help play some games when I need to play the game solo, which might be a lot more that one would think the way this year is going.

 I am also seriously thinking of doing a play by blog X-wing game.

FFG has an online tool for creating your own scenarios, and I am fairly sure I could use this with a play by blog game.

By not publishing the scenario editor I should be able to go back in and keep adjusting things on the board.
Players could email me their turns and I post the results on my blog.  Each player would need a copy of the rules, but I think it could be done.

Edit - I meant to include this video of the x-wing mission editor for others to look at: