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'Nam Project - Soviet Adviser and Viet Civilians

I have ordered a pack of Mongrel Miniatures soviets from Newland Designs in the UK.

 I intend to use one of the figures as a Soviet Adviser to go with the NVA for scenarios.

 Having done a bit of research I am technically doing this wrong.  USSR did have advisers in North Vietnam and they were almost never ever seen outside of the North.

 From what I have learnt, those advisers wore suits or casual clothing and tended to hang around where it was nice and safe.

 A few reports of 'white men' seen in the Jungle with Communist Vietnamese suggests they were wearing the same uniform as the NVA. It was never discovered if these people were Soviets or not. There was some speculation that they were not Soviets and that they could be Americans that had fled to the North.

 But I have no intention of letting any of these facts get in the way of a good campaign story thread.

 What I want to do is paint up my Soviet of choice (most likely the top left figure) and use reports of a Soviet roaming the jungles of Vietnam as part of random events and intel reports.

 With enough of these reports gathered during the campaign then the intel will firm up and the adviser will make it on to the game table for a special scenario.

 Now before anyone complains that what I am doing is wrong and historically inaccurate please take note - I don't care. Just because a Soviet adviser was never captured or shot during a battle doesn't mean they weren't there.

 On a totally different note, my West Wind Productions Vietnamese Civilians arrived in the post today.

 There are twenty figures in total - half of which are double ups, and the remaining having a bit of variation.

 These will be great for scenarios and non combatants on the game table. I am looking forward to painting these up and getting them into a game.

'Nam project - 20mm scale aircraft for 28mm figures?

I was trying to get my painting mojo back after cutting my finger and having real life get in the way, so I started to set up my playing area for my next game.

 Before I set the game up I sent a bit of time looking at model planes and helicopters that I could use in my game. It was then that decided to try something out.

 Almost 20 years ago I first started gaming in 20mm scale and I had some planes and helicopters lying around that I had used back then.

 This got me wondering - how would 1/72 scale planes and choppers look like on a flight stand with the 28mm figures?

 Provided the craft were never at the same level of the 28mm figures, I thought it could work ok.

 I was pleased with the results, so I will show what I did:

LRRPs in a crater pop a smoke grenade as a wave of NVA close in

A fast mover flies over head to drop its payload on the NVA

Another shot of the fast mover

Once the jet clears the area a huey comes in to extract the LRRPs

The slick at another angle.

  These photos also show the attempt at a smoke grenade that I made.

 I honestly think that the 1/72 models can be used in a game just as long as they aren't next to the figures.

 I also have a Cobra gunship [the skids broke off :-(  ] and a bird dog spotter plane that I can use.

Also, please note that this is not a battle report - just a few photos experimenting with the models after I laid out some scenery for my next game.

Scenery Tutorial

I thought I would take a crack as a tutorial showing how I made the scenery pieces for my games.

All of the grasses and trees seen in my photos have been done this way, and it is quick to do.

You will need:
                      Corrugated card board (the type boxes are made from)
                      Masking tape
                      A hot glue gun with glue sticks
                      Trees, grasses or what ever you intend to base.
                      Paint - the colour you wan the soil to be
                      White glue

Step 1: cut a section of card to the size and shape you want your for your tree base. Make sure you have plenty of room for your tree and that the base will be large enough so it wont tip over once made.

 Step 2:
           cut some masking tape into small sections, and place one onto the edge of the base.

Step 3
          cut tabs in the piece of tape applied to the cardboard and fold them over one at a time so as to cover the sides of the cardboard. Ensure you can fold each consecutive tap slightly over the top of the previous tab.

Keep adding sections of tape to the cardboard until it has been covered on all edges, cutting tabs and folding as shown above.

Step 4: add a blob of glue from the hot glue gun to the area you want your tree to be on the base

 Step 5: while the glue is still soft push your tree firmly into the glue. You may need to hold your tree in place until the glue starts to cool down and harden.

Step 7: Paint your base the according the the colour you want to represent the ground for your gaming table

Step 8 spread white glue over the base and apply your flock for ground cover

 Step 9: enjoy your new piece of scenery