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Song of Blades and Heroes - Play by forum

As a complete change of pace, I have started a new board on the 'Board of the Living Lead" forum to allow members to play a "Play by Forum" Game.

 Spots are limited to forum members only, and at this stage I have one confirm player (Brummie) and two almost confirmed (Clint and Blaidd Drwg [formally known as Maj. Dizaster] ) that just need to check over the rules and decide what to play.

Those wanting to know more can visit the forum: board of the living lead

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On a side note, I noticed on Blaidd's blog that 'Dwarvemeber 2013' has started.  Similar to zomtober, bloggers pledge to paint at least one dwarf a week during November.

 I would be in on this, but I only have one half painted dwarf in my collection.

 Anyone interested can join in the fun here: dwarvember 2013 is about to begin