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TAG figures arrive!

My TAG Vietnam Special forces arrived today, and they included a bit of a surprise/present with the order.

 The nice Gentlemen at TAG included a war correspondent in the pack, which will be very useful for some scenarios.

 The figures I ordered were the Special Forces with M16s and M117 (colt commando). A couple of the figures don't have back packs, which isn't so good for LRRP missions, but I have enough with packs that this isn't an issue, and I can use the other figures for other purposes, so it isn't an issue for me.

 As I can't paint cam uniforms to save my life I am tempted to look for a painter for the figures and pay to have them done.

 The good thing about gaming with a LRRP team is that I have all the Allied figures I need to play the Allied side, and anything else I buy for the Allied is for scenario purposes.

 I have a hand full of Eureka VC figures, so I should be able to stage a small firefight while building up my Communist forces.


Previously I made a post in regards to Ebob Miniatures coming out with a set of Vietnam War rules.

 Well, they are taking their sweet time to come out, so I looked at other options.

 I purchased two packs of the TAG miniatures of "US Special Forces" that I can use as LRRPs, and I will get some more packs containing heavy and support weapons at a later date so that I can make a "Heavy Team" of LRRPs.

 I also noticed that Eureka Miniatures have a pack of NVA figures now. I hadn't noticed those before, but I suspect they were released the same time as their SASR figures.

 Even though Eureka Miniatures are smaller in size to most other figures out there I will use some of these figure - after all, the Vietnamese were so much smaller than the Allied troops.

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 As part of my planned LRRP game I have a list of missions for them to go out on. One of these is Bomb Damage Assessment. Quite often the LRRPs were sent out to assess the effectiveness of the "Arc Light" bombings.

 What I want to make is a bomb crater, so I am doing some research into what I am letting myself into:

Aussie in a B52 bomb crater. Image linked from the "Steel Thunder" web site

Aussies looking at a crater.
The good news for me is that the craters are not as big as I was thinking they would be. Now I just need to come up with something that is easy to make and looks the part.