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wargaming bases, and how postage it killing Australian businesses

I am in the process of ordering some MDF bases for some of my 28mm Skirmish games, in particular an ACW skirmish game I am tinkering with.

I figured I would order about 30 get get me started, and I wanted to buy locally.

One business is about 20mins down the road from me; it will cost $5.70 for 30 bases. Nice. They offer reasonable postage of $8 flat rate Australia wide. Not bad at $13.70, considering how must Aust Post is ripping the country off.

Interstate #1:  $17.80 in total

Interstate #2:  $19.90 in total.

Interstate #3: $14.35 in total. 

Same State: $19.95 in total.

Overseas: $4.42AUD INCLUDING postage. And this is for 40 bases... ten more than I was going to order.

I really want to support Australian businesses, but I am on a very low income - people on unemployment benefits get more money than I do, just to put this in to perspective for the one or two followers of my blog I still have.

As I just want the bases, I will go with the overseas mob. When I want some of the scenic items from the Australian stores I will go with them and add some bases to the order as well, but I don't really need and buildings at the moment.

And Australia post complains they are not making money. This is because they provide a shit service and charge too much for it. Way to kill businesses Aust Post!