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WW1 in 10mm - trenches

I am toying with how to make the trenches for the 10mm WW1 project, and I might have come up with something that will a) be cost effective, and b) look the part.

As I want to play a Brigade/Divisional style game with lots of troops I will need to cut down on base sizes and have something that will look the part.

 At this stage I am thinking of using "Flanders Fields" for the rules. Each infantry base represents a platoon and is represented by three figures on a 30mm x 15mm base.

 To accommodate my trench idea, I have changed the base size to 20 x 20 mm, which is the same size as a command base for the game.

 This will actually allow me to use foam card to make the trenches, and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

 I will wait to get a variety of different miniatures before making the final decision, as I need to ensure all the figures that need to go in the trench will be able to do so, but I am fairly confidant that most things will work out.

 My intention is to make a 30 x 30 cm base tile, and glue two layers of foam card on top that have been cut out to make the trenches.  I can carve into the foam in no man's land to make shell holes, or build up if I so desire.

sample of trench concept

 I can make communication trenches etc without having to do anything too drastic, and it will still conform with the base sizes so as not to make the trenches look empty.

 By the time I add some sand bags and wire, I think the playing area will be quite acceptable.

WW1 in 10mm

Last year some time I purchased some Pendraken 10mm WW1 figures, painted a few up and then promptly did nothing more with them.

It seems I have been caught up in the WW1 spirit of things again, a good part of which could come from the fact I commanded the gun crew firing the commemorating the 'First Shot' of WW1 made by the allies 100 years ago:

You can't see me in this photo as I was in the No.1's position which has be hidden by the second gun.

What I am looking for is a set of rules to play games from Brigade to Division level.

I have 'Over the top', 'Trench' & 'World War 1 Wargame Rules' all of which I don't have much of an opinion, except for 'they are not for me'.

The Two Fat Lardies rules and the GW rules don't appear to be a the level of units I want to play, so I have dismissed those out of hand.

I was looking at "Crush the Kaiser" but any lack of review on the actual game mechanics is making me hesitate at spending $55+ on the rules in the hope I will like them.

 If anyone reading this has played them, or better still, owns them, could they please offer up a review on the mechanics and the basing etc.

I do have a copy of "Flanders Fields" that was a free download found in the Pendraken Forum. These seem to be the main contender for the rules I will use, but I want to do my research on rules available before making my mind up 100%.

In the mean time, I will plod away at painting my miniatures and plan my trenches - I have an idea for using two layers of foam card to make my playing area. I just need to base some figures first to see if it is feasible.

And help or suggestions on rules and scenery greatly appreciated.