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'Nam project - 20mm scale aircraft for 28mm figures?

I was trying to get my painting mojo back after cutting my finger and having real life get in the way, so I started to set up my playing area for my next game.

 Before I set the game up I sent a bit of time looking at model planes and helicopters that I could use in my game. It was then that decided to try something out.

 Almost 20 years ago I first started gaming in 20mm scale and I had some planes and helicopters lying around that I had used back then.

 This got me wondering - how would 1/72 scale planes and choppers look like on a flight stand with the 28mm figures?

 Provided the craft were never at the same level of the 28mm figures, I thought it could work ok.

 I was pleased with the results, so I will show what I did:

LRRPs in a crater pop a smoke grenade as a wave of NVA close in

A fast mover flies over head to drop its payload on the NVA

Another shot of the fast mover

Once the jet clears the area a huey comes in to extract the LRRPs

The slick at another angle.

  These photos also show the attempt at a smoke grenade that I made.

 I honestly think that the 1/72 models can be used in a game just as long as they aren't next to the figures.

 I also have a Cobra gunship [the skids broke off :-(  ] and a bird dog spotter plane that I can use.

Also, please note that this is not a battle report - just a few photos experimenting with the models after I laid out some scenery for my next game.


DMS said...

Those flight stands are awesome!!!! I'm using 1/48 scale planes/helicopters and am struggling with how to make flight stands for them. do you think my scale models might be a little large for your particular design of flight stand?

Shelldrake said...

I think the stand would work with the 1/48 Hueys - the base is reasonably large.

I am not 100% sure, but I think I bought them from a bloke called "Top Gun Ace" (the screen name on TMP forum), but I can't find his website, and he hasn't been online since 15th March 2011.

Shelldrake said...

here is the profile from TMP: http://theminiaturespage.com/man/topgun/

and some photos of his stands in action:


DMS said...

Thanks mate - I'll check it out

Brummie said...

It looks great I'd never would of though of it like that!

cmnash said...

Looks good to me Shelldrake. I had a go at making my own altitude stands and posted about it here:


and here:


The Extraordinarii said...

Nice work Shelldrake, never thought of looking at it from that angle, also I like the coloured smoke nade, effective.