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Planning my next game

Given that I haven't played a game for a while, I have prepared a 'pre-op flyby' for my LRRPs  for their next mission.

 The next mission is a "Sensor Placement" game.  Basically the LRRPs need to place a number of movement sensors along a trail to complete the mission.

I have set up the table for the game:

As seen in the photo there is a trail, with a creek/small river behind a couple of low lying hills.

 The water feature will be shallow enough to allow troops to wade through it.

 The LRRPs will need to enter the table, set up a secure "harbour" and then place the sensors.

 Looking at my table I feel I need more trees/jungle, and that is something I will work on next year. I might did up some more to place on the table for this game just to pad it out a bit, but I will still make more trees for my games.

 I have yet to make some sensors to place on the table, but I have some ideas for that, but they are not essential to play the game.

If all goes well I will start this game on Boxing Day.


Brummie said...

Look forward to the AAR. Table looks great though i'm sure a few more tree's won't hurt.

Hope you have a great Christmas mate

Clint said...

More trees would be good or the Zombies will not have anywhere to hide!

Whactcha mean no Zombies...?

cmnash said...

Looking good Ian - as Brummie said I'm looking forward to the AAR.

I hope Christmas and the New Year are good to you buddy.