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Shelldrake vs the slump

I have been in a bit of a slump since the beginning of the year - a lot of non hobby influences have caused this, and I couldn't get motivated to do anything much at all.

 But I think I have turned a corner in the whole slump thing and hopefully I can get back to posting a bit more regularly.

So, some updates.

 I didn't play the Vietnam game I was intending back on Boxing Day 2012.  The game had been sitting there for me to play until I packed it up today (21st April).

 I have a photos of figure I painted last year sometime that I can't remember posting yet:

 The figure is a Reaper Bones that I purchased mid 2012 (?) and I intend to use it for my Strange Aeons game, or any game that needs a werewolf.

A few years ago, Si from Bend Sinister miniatures was kind enough to send me some 10mm Napoleonic samples.  I was kind of scared by the size of them, and my eyes couldn't really see them well enough to paint them.

 The other week my mate lent me a spare pair of his eye glasses that have magnifying lenses. I thought I would try them out on the 10mm samples I had, and here are the results:

British Dragoon, French Infantry and British infantry

rear of British infantry, French Old Guard, and rear of Dragoon.

Given that they are 10mm figures I am extremely happy with how they came out. So happy that I have placed an order for some figures, with the intention of slowly building up a couple of opposing Corps for a Napoleonic campaign.

 Being able to see them made the world of difference, and they are actually very easy and fast to paint up.

 I also purchased the Crusader Publishing Napoleonic rules "March Attack" and it is these rules I intend to use for my Napoleonic games.

The reason I was lent the magnifying glasses was to assist in my painting of 6mm WW2 figures:

WW2 micro armour work in progress

We are experimenting with Division level games using Bolt Action. We have play tested a few games so far and are still tinkering with a few things, but it has been worth while so far.

 Using micro armour we can push a couple of divisions around a table and play out strategic map games at the same time.

 In case you are wondering, one base equals a battalion or regiment for infantry or armour, and one base of artillery equals a battery.

 I won't go into any detail on the rules yet, but the system I have come up with works very nicely.

 I am currently painting up the gunners for the artillery units and the infantry.

 Believe it or not, but the British tanks were a much lighter green until I put the varnish on them :-(

I am also working on my WW2 Japanese zombies, as mentioned on my zombie blog.

And, if you are interested in buying some miniature please keep a eye on my blog, as I will be cleaning out a lot of my old projects and hoping to sell the minis off.


Clint said...

We have all had a slum in hobby activity at one time or another. Glad to hear you may have started to turn the corner.

Dave VanDam said...

Glad you've got your Mojo back mate, really looking forward to the PBB game. P.s for some reason I can't leave a comment on you're zombie blog, something about team members only even though I'm a follower

Simon Q said...

Good to hear the mojo is returning buddy. The Napoleonic's are nice mate.

I use a pair of magnify glasses all the while now especially when highlighting or doing detail work.

Shelldrake said...

@Dave - I was getting spam on my zombie blog, so I fiddled with the settings & I must have done something to it.

I have changed the settings, but the comments will be moderated.

cmnash said...

Very glad to hear that you have fought your way through the slump my friend. I've been there myself recently, but Salute has just re-fired my mojo

I'm impressed you got through it by yourself and you should be proud of that