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A tomb and an update

I finished off a GW model tomb I have had around for over a year today:

 I mounted it on an old CD, put a model railway tree next to it, placed some random grass and tufts over the base and then glued some silver birch tree seeds at the base of the tree to give it the autumn look.

 I will use this for In Her Majesty's Name and Strange Aeons mostly, but it will be useful for a zombie game as well.

Update wise - I have finished off my Japanese WW2 zombies - I just need the time to get the PBB game up and running on my Zombie blog. I haven't forgotten the game; it is more a matter of real life getting in the way.

I have a few other things on the painting desk and some scenery being put together, but more on that when I finish them.


Simon Q said...

Nice little bit of terrain. Even if it doesn't perform as a objective its a great piece of terrain and could be use in a multitude of periods.

Look forward to seeing your WW2 Zombies mate.

Phil said...

Nicely done!

Dave VanDam said...

Nice terrain piece mate,
Also looking forward to seeing the Japanese horde :)

Clint said...

Sorry mate I still can't see this pic. I can see all the other ones on your blog....

But if everyone else can It must be me.

Zabadak said...

I can't see the pic either