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Song of Blades and Heroes - Play by forum

As a complete change of pace, I have started a new board on the 'Board of the Living Lead" forum to allow members to play a "Play by Forum" Game.

 Spots are limited to forum members only, and at this stage I have one confirm player (Brummie) and two almost confirmed (Clint and Blaidd Drwg [formally known as Maj. Dizaster] ) that just need to check over the rules and decide what to play.

Those wanting to know more can visit the forum: board of the living lead

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On a side note, I noticed on Blaidd's blog that 'Dwarvemeber 2013' has started.  Similar to zomtober, bloggers pledge to paint at least one dwarf a week during November.

 I would be in on this, but I only have one half painted dwarf in my collection.

 Anyone interested can join in the fun here: dwarvember 2013 is about to begin


Blaidd Drwg said...

Well, I was considering an Elven Archer, but Brummie has got an Archer character, so I'm gonna go with a Dwarf. I still need to hammer out his stats. I'l get that done ASAP. Thanks for the plug for Dwarvember 2013. You're welcome to join in with just one dwarf if you get the chance ;-)

Clint said...

currently re-painting an old D&D figure for this..... let's hope it comes out OK!

Shelldrake said...

Blaidd - there is no reason for you not to play an elven archer, but a dwarf will be just as useful in the game.

Looking forward to seeing your mini/character Clint.