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Deep Ones?

I have been searching for ages to find some "Deep Ones" that matched those from various Call of Cthulhu books to use in my Strange Aeons games.

 Most of the deep ones out there just didn't seem to cut it when it came to these nasty little creatures.

 Well, I think I may have found some:

These figures are from the "Carnevale" and have some weird name, but I think they would make excellent Deep Ones.

 They are not cheap; $17.72 for just two lead minis, but postage is reasonable, giving a total of $20.75 if I order them.

 I am not sure if I can justify the cost of only two minis for $20, but the figures are very nice.

 I might have to put these in the category that the nightgaunts are and just buy them.  I will look around for someone that sells them cheaper first.


I have always liked Nightgaunts from my days of playing Call of Cthulhu, and I have a few figures for my Strange Aeons games.

 But today I saw a green for a Nightgaunt that I really want to add to my collection when it is released.

 A company called Avolak Castings posted some photos of their greens on LAF:

 This is just one of the images showing off these excellent sculpts.

 I have been looking at Avolak Castings since they first showed up on LAF, but I have been hesitant to buy anything from them because the prices are in Euros and there is not cost on postage.

 Usually the postage from Euro nations is very expensive.

 But, when the Nightgaunts come out I might just have to harden up and place an order to get some.

The figures are not up on the Avolak Castings web site yet, but they do have some other excellent figures for those that play Call of Cthulhu type games: Avolak Castings