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It has been a while since my last post. I have been very busy, including a period of over five weeks without a day off, but I have been 'chipping away' at the hobby.

A few months ago I dusted off the Wild West rules "The Rules With No Name" and played a few games with my friend.

 We decided a Wild West campaign would be a great way to go for the year as it would be one of the easiest to maintain momentum.

 After a few games, I took a set of Wild West rules off the shelf that I have had since 2009, but never actually played.

 This set of rules are "Gutshot" by Hawgleg publishing.

 I suggested trying them to see what they were like. 

 I am very glad we did. They are VERY easy to play, and dare I say it, even BETTER than "The Rules With No Name".

 A lot of reviews of the rules say that "Gutshot" is closer to a Role Playing Game than a Wargame, but I don't believe they are.  Yes, you have characters and character sheets, but it is not a RPG.

 The game does encourage interaction between players/characters to a certain degree, but it is far from a "dungeons and dragons' kind of game.

 I am in the process of finishing off some scenery and figures, but I am thinking a lot of my wargaming this year will be a Gutshot campaign set in the county of Rio Diablo, located somewhere in the wild west of America.


Clint said...

I bought the Gut Shot rules a few years ago (on a whim) and like you had/have not tried them. Maybe I should give them another look. Thanks for reminding me about them.

Simon Quinton said...

Excellent plan. Looking forward to seeing more.

Zabadak said...

This is a set of rules that I have never come across, I'd like to know how they work in play, as I'm sure others would be too.

Shelldrake said...

Thanks Guys.

I will do a review over the weekend so others can learn about the rules.

One interesting things about the rules is they supposed to be releasing a zombie version of the game! Woot!