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No End In Sight - a modern campaign

Thanks to the new rules I purchased, I have been drawn in to the game in a big way and want to play games set now or in the near future.

Rather than spend a fortune on buying completely new armies, I decided to go with 15mm - this way I can buy a whole platoon for around $30 - $40 plus the cost of any vehicles I want to use.

As Eureka Miniatures makes some awesome looking 15mm Modern Australians, I looked for an enemy to put them up against and found Khurasan's 15mm Modern North Koreans.

Sweeeeeet - now I have the forces for the game lined up, but how to get them in to a war involving them?

After dismissing a NK invasion involving naval forces as unlikely, I decided to have them invade parts of Russia - the Vladivostok region to be precise.

This is the background for a possible near future for setting my game up:

following the defeat of Russian forces in the Ukraine, and the weakening of the Russian state as a whole by World sanctions, many Russian states cede from the CIS and declare themselves nations in their own right.

If I do this, I can have the Country of “Primorsky Krai” (Vladivostok) as the battle ground, which would be perfect for an invasion by NK as it is on its boarders. Given this area is a food producer, it is a worthy target for a starving nation.

Digging around I found reference to ‘Green Ukraine’ on wikipedia, which  would make my plan even easier: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Ukraine

With US forces based in Japan and Korea, it would be easy for them to come to the assistance of this new Nation. Rather than deplete the US presence in South Korea, I would have troops shipped in for the campaign.  Australia would get involved due to treaty obligations.

This leads to
twothree questions:
1) would NK invade SK  (Or US/SK invade NK) when this happens?
2) Does NK fire missiles at Japan, targeting US forces there and bring Japan in to the conflict?  (If so, would I get away with using 15mm US army figure for Japanese? The weapons are slightly different, but does that matter at 15mm scale?)
3) Does China and Russia get involved?

 A map showing areas taken by NK. The red is NK held areas the green is National held area:

This indicates where the invasion has developed by the time Coalition forces make unopposed landings to the North East of the country. By unopposed I mean no land forces to stop the landings. Air and naval battles operations conducted/ongoing leading up to this point.

The way the campaign will be conducted is to fight a battle with my platoon and tally the victory points after each battle.  I will match the points to the campaign chart on p51 of the rules to determine if the Coalition forces have captured the area and can move on to the next one etc.
I have decided to use victory points rather than dice rolling results. This might make for a very long campaign, but I can cope with that. It will keep me off street corners

 Game Notes:

 The Platoon LT, SGT and the section/squad commanders will be characters, and if any soldier within the platoons does anything heroic, they will earn the right to be written up as a character.

Things to do:

Create the nation: name, flag, background information/data & map

Buy: A platoon of NK, support weapons and vehicles/aircraft

A platoon of US troops, support weaons, UVA and vehicles/aircraft

A platoon of Australian troops, support weapons (not a big option at the moment) and vehicles/aircraft.

Write up the Unit data (game stats) for all troops, and create my personalities.

Decide on the campaign type: not sure which one to use as yet, but I am thinking of playing the ‘Military Progression’ campaign, and maybe develop it in to the ‘Escalation’ campaign if it has the legs to carry it.

Make/buy scenery: most of the games I play are 28mm or 20mm, so I will need to see what scenery will be appropriate, and what I can make.

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Clint said...

It is terrific when you get a set of rules you like.
As for the questions it all depends where you want the game to go. You could easily get the US and Japan involved. Maybe France and China as well as Britain and Russia. There are many options but my advice is to keep it simple. Maybe start with North Korea and Australia and see where the players take the game.