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I have a number of Samurai/Ninja/Warrior Monk figures and I have always wanted to play games in set in the Edo period with some mythological elements thrown in.

 I was able to get some Kappa from the UK, but I have really wanted a Tengu figure.

 Well, a company called Footsore Miniatures is releasing a 32mm Tengu:

 I haven't found any reference to what size tengu are meant to be, but I am happy to have a tengu that is slightly taller than any human figures to reflect the monstrous properties of it.

 I actually saw a tengu when in the Nikko area of Japan a few years ago... well a statue of one.  It was on a twisting and winding mountain road, and I didn't have the opportunity to get a photo of it, but I hope to go back one day to get a photo.


Clint said...

About a year ago I was looking for Tengu figures. Drat I never found this one. Thanks for showing me.

Simon Quinton said...

Lovely looking figure. I can't say I'd heard of Tengu. Will have to some research.