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a plan for 2017?

I haven't really done too much gaming these last couple of years, so I want to try an implement a plan or a guideline for 2017.

What I hope to do for 2017 is focus on what I already have and only add to what I can or actually will use with either the figures already in my collection, or for the rules I already own.

15mm Scale games 

Modern Conflicts/SciFi:
                                      My Australian Platoon vs. an invading force (Chinese/Russian/?)
                                                                            vs. the zombie apocalypse
                                                                            vs. an Alien invasion (not Falling Skies)
                                                                            vs. an enemy on overseas deployment (unsure of who)

SciFi: "Not" a TV show game, but inspired by: Some kind of warp gate game.

Napoleonic Skirmish: playing a large skirmish game using 15mm figures.

I also have some 15mm WW2 Australians, and I am tempted to get enough to play some big skirmishes, but I also have 20mm for this. The good thing about the 15mm is I can easily get tanks and specialist equipment that I can't get for 20mm games.

20mm Games

 WW2 - I have German Paras, Australian and Japanese, so I just really need to get a force to go up against the Germans and scenery for all theatre settings.

28mm Games

 WW2 - I have invested enough in WW2 28mm that I don't want to abandon this, so I will play some skirmish level games with what I have, and add some extra figures if and when needed.

 Napoleonic - I will play some smaller skirmish games to ties in with my 15mm plans.

 French and Indian War - This might be one of my bigger focuses for 2017. I need to get more troops for the game, and work on some scenery, but it is something that really interests me and might get some focus in the coming year.

Zombies - I have the figures, I just need more scenery to play a campaign.

Vietnam - one of the few armies I have lots painted up and ready to go. And I do enjoy using my LRRPs from time to time.

Various - I probably wont stray too far from the above, although I would like to get a lot more of some air battles in, notably modern and WW2. And some trials of different settings using figures I already have: Samurai and Pulp being the notable ones - both in 28mm.

Rules - I intend to try and stick two a main set of rules for the year - notably the FiveCore rules from Nordic Weasel games. I intend to play all the skimrish games mentioned above with the FiveCore rules - from French and Indian wars, right through to the Sci-fi games.

 The only exception to this is the dog fight games.

 I wonder how much of my play would have survived by this time next year?


Zabadak said...

I find it hard to plan what I'll be doing in a wek's time let alone for a year - good luck with your plans though!

Clint said...

Never heard of 5 Core Rules.

Everything else sounds like my sort of thing. (Well except the Napoleonic's).

Good luck to you sir I shall enjoy seeing all you do.

Simon Quinton said...

Best of luck with your plans for 2017!