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Quick and easy hedges for 15mm and 20mm games

Normally I would post a topic on my blog and then share the link in forums, but this time I did it in reverse: I posted on the forum and then shared the link on my blog.


To show my support for The Wargames Website forum. TWW is oneof my favorite forums - everyone is nice and polite, and generally very helpful and supportive of peoples' projects.

So, I am doing my bit to help promote the forum.

To see how I made super easy and fast to make hedges, please click on the link below:

TWW link


Michael said...

Cheers dude, very much appreciated! :D

Clint said...

I use tem for 6mm hedges.

Simon Quinton said...

They look great mate. Well done.

Phil said...

Looks simple and very nice!