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A mine field

After reading an excellent article on using flywire to make barbed wire for WW2 i applied the same techinque to make a section of a mine field.

This model is about 11 cm long x 9 cm wide.

As soon as i can get a colour print out i intend to place an mine warning sign on one side of the field.

I intend to make more sections that can be added next to each other for longer emplacements - although i may not use the grass flock on the base and instead just keep it as over turned soil.


cmnash said...

'Flywire'? what's that? any chance of a link to the article? - if you still know where it is ofc!

I could do with some minefileds to fill my 28mm WW2 games

Shelldrake said...

I had to search for it, but I found it:



I have made better ones since I made this, and I will take some photos and make a new post about them once I get them from my friend's place.