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The wargames i play

Apart from the Zombie campaign i play (see links), i also game the Crimean war, the American Civil war, WW1 and WW2 land battles, Pulp, Vietnam, Modern Conflicts, WW2 Naval, WW1 and WW2 Aerial Dogfights. This covers some of the games i like to play.
I also play Flashpoint Vietnam which are a great set of rules made in New Zealand.

Most games i play are skirmish games, but my Crimean war and ACW are played on a larger scale using 15mm figures.

I am sure if i had the time and money then i would have far more figures and games that i would play.

I also tinker around with what i call Alternative History - creating what if situtations within a historical setting.

This doesnt mean i have alien lizards invading the world during WW2 as can be found in a series of novels.

What it means is that i keep the historical setting and play out what may have been if things had taken a different turn of events, such as what would have happened if Winston Churchill and General Patton entered into a conflict with Russia in 1945, something that had actually been planned for.


cmnash said...

Browsing your old posts Shelldrake. Not heard of Flashpoin Vietnam - can they still be bought?

It seems to me that we have very similar tastes!

I've got ACwar, WW2, Vietnam, Modern, and WW1 Aerial

I've always wanted to do the Crimean too, so I shall look through your old posts with interest

Shelldrake said...

Yes you can still buy Flashpoint Vietnam: http://www.flashpoint-miniatures.com/

But... I tried to sell off my rules, as I really liked the game but the authors and others in the FPV forum changed the rules into a Flames of War Vietnam, which I don't like.

I decided to go back to what I know - skirmish games for Vietnam. I still have a reasonable 20mm scale starter force, but I want to do 28mm.

Shelldrake said...

Oh, and it is funny you mentioned the Crimean war - I was only thinking about it yesterday and how I want to start building my army again for use with Black Powder.