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Previously I made a post in regards to Ebob Miniatures coming out with a set of Vietnam War rules.

 Well, they are taking their sweet time to come out, so I looked at other options.

 I purchased two packs of the TAG miniatures of "US Special Forces" that I can use as LRRPs, and I will get some more packs containing heavy and support weapons at a later date so that I can make a "Heavy Team" of LRRPs.

 I also noticed that Eureka Miniatures have a pack of NVA figures now. I hadn't noticed those before, but I suspect they were released the same time as their SASR figures.

 Even though Eureka Miniatures are smaller in size to most other figures out there I will use some of these figure - after all, the Vietnamese were so much smaller than the Allied troops.

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 As part of my planned LRRP game I have a list of missions for them to go out on. One of these is Bomb Damage Assessment. Quite often the LRRPs were sent out to assess the effectiveness of the "Arc Light" bombings.

 What I want to make is a bomb crater, so I am doing some research into what I am letting myself into:

Aussie in a B52 bomb crater. Image linked from the "Steel Thunder" web site

Aussies looking at a crater.
The good news for me is that the craters are not as big as I was thinking they would be. Now I just need to come up with something that is easy to make and looks the part.


cmnash said...

I shall follow your progress on this with interest Shelldrake. I've got a bunch of 10mm nam figures based as fireteams that I need a set of rules for ...

Anyway, on your project - I've not heard of anyone doing something similar. Are you going to build your table up with polystyrene or similar to make the craters into?

Shelldrake said...

I will build up the crater so I can place it on top of the terrain tiles I already have (as seen in my zombie games).

I think I will use paper mache to make the crater and then cover it with sand that I will paint in a red-brown colour to try and match the colour of the soil in Vietnam.

Beccas said...

Have a look at Victory Force Games Shelldrake. They just released a set of Aussie figures in their range called 5RAR. They also do LRPS and SASR. I have seen comparison photos with TAG. Same height, not as chunky. I am going to get some. I intend to use the Disposable Heroes supplement Long Road South. But you need Disposable Heroes to use it. You can get both those rules 10% off and post free from Maelstrom Games in the UK.

Brummie said...

Sounds good. I'm waiting for the ebob figs to as they look great

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the heads up Beccas - do you have a link for them? I went to Victory Force Miniatures and drew a blank, and a search for Victory Force Games came up the same way.

I have some of Iron Ivan's games, so I gather the DH rules follow the same structure?

Beccas said...

I'm such a dunderhead. Force of Arms. Thats the name of the company.

Long Road South follows the same structure as the rest of DH system.

Shelldrake said...

Ah - that makes sense :-)

Do you have any links to the photos you mentioned?

I found some photos here: http://www.greathallminis.com/Vietnam/viet_inf_foa.htm

but they don't have photos of the Aussies.

The FOA figures look good - I will order some to fill in what I have when I get the project up and running.

Thanks for the heads up on the figures and the Iron Ivan books.

Beccas said...

Talking about them made me order some. I ordered the command and section pack. Soon as they get here I will take a picture next to some TAG & post it on the blog.