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TAG figures arrive!

My TAG Vietnam Special forces arrived today, and they included a bit of a surprise/present with the order.

 The nice Gentlemen at TAG included a war correspondent in the pack, which will be very useful for some scenarios.

 The figures I ordered were the Special Forces with M16s and M117 (colt commando). A couple of the figures don't have back packs, which isn't so good for LRRP missions, but I have enough with packs that this isn't an issue, and I can use the other figures for other purposes, so it isn't an issue for me.

 As I can't paint cam uniforms to save my life I am tempted to look for a painter for the figures and pay to have them done.

 The good thing about gaming with a LRRP team is that I have all the Allied figures I need to play the Allied side, and anything else I buy for the Allied is for scenario purposes.

 I have a hand full of Eureka VC figures, so I should be able to stage a small firefight while building up my Communist forces.


Brummie said...

Cooool can't wait

Beccas said...

Excellent. Can't wait until my Force of Arms aussies arrive.

The Extraordinarii said...

Another favorite war of mine, I have Baker Co minis, ARVN, US, and Local Force VC, all unpainted of course.....

Shelldrake said...

I have some Chiltern Miniatures LRRPs already, but I wont be using them as they are so freaking huge!

I have some Eureka Australians and VC, but I will only be using the VC for my games.