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1:600 reinforcements

My latest Tumbling Dice planes have arrived from the UK:

I now have some MiG-29s, F/A-18s, F-16s and a E2 Hawkeye.

 The E2 Hawkeye is for use in scenarios. Interestingly the C21 rules list the E2 as an AWACS in the notes, but I can't find any reference to what AWACS does in the game. I will see if there is any reference in the Yahoo group. If not, I will as the group what AWACS does.

Like previously I will paint the minis in a neutral way so that I can use them for various nations, plus I will use the F-16s as F-16s and as the Japanese F-2. The F-2 is based on the F-16, but is slightly larger with subtle differences. Until some one makes a 1:600 F-2 I will use the F-16s.

 The F/A-18s will allow me to field USN and Australian forces in games.

I will post photos once I have painted the figures. But first I have to glue the magnets to the planes and hope they actually stay glued. I have a lot of problems having the magnets stay on no matter what type of glue I use.


Brummie said...

Hi Ian sounds good. Hmm have you tried a clear epoxy resin?

Shelldrake said...

Yep, and the magnets still seem to come off.

I tried something new today - I drilled magnet sized holes underneath the planes and then glued the magnets it to give them more stability.

Hopefully this will do the trick.

cmnash said...

I've had problems with the magnets too - either gluing them to my fingers or finding that the magnetic 'pull' is stronger than the glue I used :(

I hope that you find asoultion and then share it with us! Perhaps the members of the C21 group can help?

Shelldrake said...

To glue the magnets on the planes I have used a drill bit the size of the magnets to that they sit deeper and have glue on all but the underside of the magnet.

A bit tricky to do, but so far they are holding out.

Pity I can't do the same on the flight stands.