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Vietnam crater - part 2

As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to make a crater to represent a B52 strike.

 Thanks to a fellow blogger, I think I have a very simple answer to how best to make it:

making craters

Now I just need a decent piece of board to make the crater on.


The Extraordinarii said...

Bunnings is your friend, I get all my terrain boards from there, just some MDF, they will even cut to size... cool

Shelldrake said...

great! thanks for the heads up. I will work out what I want and invest in some/

cmnash said...

Shelldrake, thanks for posting that link to the blog. I followed and have read his posts about building a car park for a zombie game - it's inspired me, so I think I'll be getting a paster table to turn into a multi-storey car-park at the weekend!

And the way he's mad those craters - brilliant!