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Of Dungeons

Almost a year ago I was contemplating a dungeon style game, and I have finally begun work on it.

I have finished off a couple of fantasy figures I have had lying around for three or four years now, and started work on some others.

At the beginning of August I ordered some Hirst Arts pieces - almost 4 kg to be precise. I somehow did my dungeon tile math wrong and ordered more tiles than I thought, but I am happy with that, as it allowed me to make more of a dungeon.

 The tiles arrived last week, and I have assembled them in various sized to allow for different room and corridor configurations.

 With some spare tiles I made two secret doors:

And here is a photo of a Mage character and a skeleton:

A Reaper Miniature

Skeleton from the Celtos range, sans shield

 I need to visit a hardware store to get some paint for the dungeon tiles, and the bases on the miniatures will be done once I have the paint and some more pollyfilla to do work on them.

The Hirst Arts tiles were a lot better than I was expecting, and I have had a lot of fun working with them.

This has only started a bug in me though - as now I want to get more Hirst Arts to make all different kinds of things.


lrqan said...

Dungeons, Vietnam, Zombies! Man where do you find the time? Damn fine work though.

Brummie said...

Very cool. I'd like todo something like this but perhaps in 15mm. That way I could fit it all in a much smaller place. Looking forward to seeing this painted and played on.

Mathyoo said...

Funny how you always play what I am thinking about thinking about playing :P

The Extraordinarii said...

Looking good Shelldrake, look forward to what,else you have planned for this project

Shelldrake said...

@Irqan - not having a life helps a lot with finding the time :-P

I also have three small Vietnam war huts to finish off for my Vietnam game.

@Brummie - even though this is in 28mm scale, the dungeon in the photo only takes up about a 2' x 2' area, so I can theoretically play a game in little space.

And with mapping I can adjust the tiles and move them around as I move through the dungeon.

@Mathyoo - stop reading my mind! lol I am toying with using D&D as my rules, but really want to play the Goal System Delves which should be released in a few months.

@ The Extraordinarii - this is mostly in the planning stage, as I need a lot more critters and 'fittings' to flesh out my dungeons.
I intend to do a lot of play testing to see if the random dungeon system works though.

Lord Siwoc said...

This looks great! Looking forward to how you paint it up.

Dirty, dusty and gritty?

Shelldrake said...

Hmm I probably wont put too much effort into trying to make it look dirty, dusty or gritty.

Basically a dark undercoat with a base colour on top of that, and maybe a highlight on the edges.

Bard said...

Very cool. I've been doing up some dungeon based minis myself, and I'm still deciding what kind of surface to play on.

Shelldrake said...

I experimented on using foam card for my dungeon tiles.

It was cheap enough to get a dungeon, but my artistic talents made it horrible enough that I abandoned that idea.

I looked at laser cut dungeon tiles, but they were too expensive, so in the end I shopped from 'Griffin Gove' in South Australia to buy my hirst arts tiles.

I am very happy with them indeed.

cmnash said...

Hey Shelldrake, I looked at getting Hirst stuff in the past, but never have ...

As you know I've got a pile of Ainsty tiles which I painted with matt grey car primer spray as undercoat and then a black wash. Was very quick and - IMO - effective.

Good luck with this project!