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Sneak preview of my next 'Nam campaign game

In the last few posts I have been talking about a Dungeon crawl game, but rest assured those that follow my 'Nam game will be happy to know that I haven't stopped playing my LRRP campaign.

I am in the process of making some more scenery, some of which has come to a halt because I need to buy some more polyfilla.

 I am also painting up some minis and probably need to focus on that like I did with the VC and NVA I painted earlier this year. To this end I have some civilians, extra VC and some more LRRPs to paint up.

With all of that in mind, here is a photo showing a sneak preview of the set up being planned for my next game:

The photo isn't the best as I am having camera problems at the moment, but it gives the general idea of what I am planning.

 Note the three extra huts I have finished making, and the two sampans in the small river to the right hand side of the photo.


Clint said...

Despite the camera a good idea of what it will look like is decernable. Been ages since I did some good Veitnam gaming. Maybe I should do more.

Brummie said...

Looking great. Looks very realistic. You have really done yourself proud with this setup. Love it!