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City building

For the last few days I have been scratch building with my Gangster campaign in mind.

I drew up some plans and came up with this:

Note the shadowy figure lurking on the roof top

 The design has the building mounted on a MDF board that also acts as the side walks for the city.

 By placing the model onto a dark surface it automatically makes the roads, thus removing the need to make roads completely.

 I sketched out a map and between nine and twelve of these in various forms will give me a decent sized bit of gang turf to fight over.

 I am in the process of designing some shops with apartments above them that will go together to created an alley way to skulk in. These buildings will be shorter but wider as they will take up the space of one of the side walks to accomplish what I have planned.

 At this stage I am thinking of painting all of the buildings the same grey colour to give it a gothic type of feel, but this could change if I manage to find other colours I like.

 The great thing about keeping the designs simple is that I can use these buildings for my Gangsters, my planned Super hero game and even zombie games set in a city.

 I also want to find some fire hydrants, post boxes and street lights to fill out the city.


Clint said...

Very nice very versitile.

For my players though they would want some form of interior. I don't think it's nessercary but my club players have been spoilt and semi insist on putting figures inside the buildings. It's a shame as it hampers buildings.

Just saying I wish I had the freedom to make something elegant and simple like this.

lrqan said...

Keep up the good work, it's good.

Mathyoo said...

Its really nice. I also like the size, not too big and not too small. As Clint said, I'd miss the interior, but honestly, making buildings without it saves enormous amount of time and I think they're better looking as you don't need to cut windows. In the building I've painted last time, you can see trough it from one side to another and I dont like that.
If I get to gangsters, I just might go that path as well, while making interior on a separate board or something.

Simon Q said...

It looks brilliant. Perhaps to add another layer to the gameplay maybe add some sort of fire escape or gantry halfway up?

Lord Siwoc said...


Fenris games have some great stuff to add to the city.

I like the simple way this works! Really a great idea.

The Extraordinarii said...

Nice work Shelldrake, looking good, this project reminds me of the movie 'The Untouchables'

Shelldrake said...

Thanks chaps :-)

I thought about making the interiors, but being multi levels I decided it was too much work.

I will make off board interior maps if needed for this city.

@Brummie - yep I would like to make a fire exscape - I might add something if I can come up with an easy way to make them.

@Lord Siwoc - thank you Sir, they will do nicely :-D

cmnash said...

Very nice Shelldrake