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NVA vehicles

Thanks to Brent from Company B joining the 'Board of the living lead' zombie forum I have been taking another look at what Company B has for sale.

I noticed in the news section on the Company B web site that a BTR-152 & BTR-40 are nearing release.

I have always wanted some vehicles for my enemy forces so I did a bit of research and discovered that both were used by the NVA. It seems the BTR-40 might have been used a bit more than the BTR-152, but that could just be due to the what I turned up in my research.

 So, when it is released for sale, I think I will get myself a BTR-40 to include in my games for scenario purposes and to use as a juicy target for calling in artillery and or an air strike.

 I do have a US figure with an M72 LAW that I didn't paint up as a LRRP due to the fact the figure doesn't have a back pack, but if I make it part of a ready reaction force I can explain it away conveniently.

BTR-40 in the service of a non NVA user

 It shouldn't be too hard to create stats for Bolt Action as the vehicles are fairly basic in those rules, and Iron Ivan Games has stats for them in "The Long Road South" supplement.

So, as soon as the BTR-40 is released for sale I will look at getting one for my game.


Simon Q said...

Sounds like a plan buddy

Barks said...

That's a cool-looking vehicle, like it!

lrqan said...

N o picture here but sounds like a plan.