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The Rules With No Name - Comanche War Party

One of my all time favourite games is the Wild West rules "The Rules With No Name".

This is one project I will not be selling off, as westerns are a whole lot of fun to play.

 So I was happy to see the Warlord Games are releasing some mins for Black Powder that are perfect for a Wild West setting: Plains Wars.

I have no idea if these are new releases or something that has been around for a while, but  hopefully there will be a lot more release than the Comanche War Party on show below:

I also hope they will release the figures in smaller backs as $120AUD+ for a couple of figures is a bit on the hard to justify buying side of things.


Clint said...

Black powder pony wars.... an interesting thought... I'd better not consider it too much or I will get sidetracked yet again.

Zabadak said...

For all the above the coast works out at about £1 a foot figure and £3 for mounted, which compared to GW prices that's very good.

Simon Quinton said...

That is very good value for money though you'll have to save up your dollars for it mate!

Shelldrake said...

Cheers guys

As I don't want all of the figures, only about three or four, the end price is way too much for me to consider getting.

If they sold them in smaller packs I might get some.