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Airwar: C21

I weakened over the weekend and put an order in for a new set of rules - Airwar: C21 from Wessex Games.

 I am a big fan of 'plane games' having both WW1 and WW2 sets of rules and I have always wanted to game modern planes too.

 I placed my order for a hard copy of the rules from Dom's Decals in the U.K. and ordered some Su-27s and F-15s to go with the rules so that I could play a game asap.

 I really wanted the F-22 Raptor, but it seems no one makes them in 1:600 scale, but the Su-27 and F-15 will allow me to play games over a longer historical period and to represent many different countries for scenarios/game settings.

 Having read a few Larry Bond novels, I am tempted to use some of these as the back ground for a modern war.

 Stephen Coonts also has a number of novels that could be used for game settings.

 When the rules and figures arrive I will do a review.


Gnotta' said...

Even if I prefer the "Romanticism" of WWI and WWII air combats (interwar taken into account too), I must say that a Stephen Coonts novel based scenario would be really interesting indeed... You can even thinks of 28mm skirmish actions too (terrorists boarding an aircraft carrier come to mind... ;) )
I enjoyed so much his novels that, for many years, my RPG character was Named Tarkington and I used as a nickname Toad in many online games... (memories..... :P )

cmnash said...

I've not read Coonts or Bond; I have read several Dale Brown novels though and they might help. I didn't like them enough to recommend that you get them though - just might be worth it if you see one second-hand.

Will be interested to read your review of the rules - all the wessex rules I've got so far (Aeronef, Voyages Extrordinaire, Geheimkrieg) use the roll a six to hit system so I suspect this one will to