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My Current wargaming projects

Ok, when I am not playing zombie wargames I actually play a variety of other games.

Some I play more than others, and the rest are projects in the making as I slowly build up figures and scenery to a level where I can play a game.

 I used to suffer from complete randomness and 'ooh shiny', but I try very hard to keep some level of focus these days.

So, what am I playing?

Playable games (i.e. figures and scenery ready to go):

Strange Aeons - a 1920s horror wargame. I have developed a solo system for this game, as I have yet to convince any of my mates to play.

WW2 Dog Fights (Europe and Pacific): Using very tiny planes and "Check Your Six" rules I have a Battle of Britain setting to complete (I have enough for small games) and I want to do some Pacific War games, although I don't have any planes for this yet. I want to develop solo game play rules for this game too.

Wild West (28mm) - this was my main game played last year. After over a decade of having the figures but no scenery or even painted figures I kicked my mojo in to overdrive last year and got this project up and running. Using "The Rules with no Name" we had a lot of fun with this game, and I want to revisit it very soon - maybe as a solo campaign.

Projects to complete:

WW2 Pacific (20mm) - I have a decent collection of 20mm Australians and Japanese. I need to finish painting my Japanese figures and make a lot of scenery. I kind of put this project on hold due to the fact my Mrs. is Japanese. I am using "Arc of Fire" rules for this game.

WW2 Late War Europe (28mm - Alternative history) - I love alternative history, and in this setting I am pitting the Allies against the Soviets like Churchill and Patton wanted to do. I have the good makings of my figures for this game, but I am waiting for the Bolt Action figures from Warlord Games to release single "reinforcements" to fill out the holes I have in my platoons. I have "Rules of Engagement" as my rule set for this game.

WW2 Naval (Europe): I actually have enough ships for small games at the moment, but I want to develop this further. I am using "Victory at Sea" for these games.

15mm Napoleonic: I am building a British army for Black Powder. I played a good number of games last year and decided to ditch my 28mm figures in favor for 15mm. I have altered the rules slightly (one base equals a battalion - yes, I know, shock horror!) and I have an infantry corp painted up - I just need to finish my cavalry, artillery and command units.

15mm SYW - again for Black Powder. I have a large Prussian army ready to paint, and I want to put together a Russian army as well. I will alter my basing to match that of my Napoleonic games.

15mm ACW - A project I started a while ago, I hope to finish this some day and use the figures to play... you guessed it... Black Powder.

Pulp (28mm) - Using "Where Heroes Dare" or a variant of "The Rules with No Name" I am putting together a setting where the heroes look for a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean. A long way to go to get this project up and running.

Three Musketeers (40mm) - using Eureka Miniatures excellent 40mm figures and the rules that were released with them I need to repaint some figures, finish off a couple I didn't finish and make some scenery. I am thinking of using a modified "The Rules with No Name" for this as well.

Other Projects?

Yep, I have other projects around the place - I created a setting years ago for a Revolution in 1920s Britain (as post on TMP show, I came up with this idea before "A Very British Civil War" was released, and I have the information on a web site I was putting together.

 I also have the making of a Samurai skirmish game set in the Edo period. I need to finish painting a number of figures before this is ready, plus I want a lot more scenery.

Gladiators is another setting - I have a handful of figures, put yet again... I need to paint them!

I will take photos of my various projects to let readers have a better idea of what I am playing.


cmnash said...

Hi Shelldrake, Came here from your zed-blog. Good to see I'm not the only one with a long list of projects! I'd be interested to see what you have for your Strange Aeons project - is that a ruleset you've modified or a homebrew set?

The Angry Lurker said...

I particularly like the late war europe scenario, they should have done it.

Shelldrake said...

cmnash: Strange Aeons is a rule set published by 'Uncle Mikes Worldwide' (i feel there should be something after the Worldwide in the title): http://unclemikesworldwide.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1

A great little game and you only need a handful of miniatures to get the game started.

@ The Angry Lurker - it would have made the whole world a bit different. I hope to play some interesting games with this setting.

cmnash said...

Thanks for the link Shelldrake - any chance of a review of the rules?