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My 28mm WW2 figures

One of my concurrent projects (well, not that concurrent) is putting together forces for late war WW2.

 At this stage I have a platoon of British Infantry less command and support, a Section plus of British Paratroopers, and the makings of a Soviet Platoon with a scout section.
 I have two tanks - a German Panther that I had painted for me, and a Soviet T-34 that I might have to get painted for me.
 The Germans haven't been forgotten - apart from a couple of Artizan Designs late war Germans I also have the plastic set from Warlord Games.

Black Tree Design British

Bolt Action British Paras with a few Artizan Designs thrown in

Black Tree Design Soviets (one scout is a Bolt Action mini)

 I need get a lot more troops for all sides to finish off my armies - I want some more BTD British and Soviets, but a) BTD are very unreliable [it took me 8 months to get the Soviets] and they don't accept paypal... having lost over $10,000 to credit card fraud last year I refuse to use my CC online anymore. [the bank paid me back, but I had a really really really crap Christmas last year due to having no money.]

 The British Platoon will be painted up without any unit identification as I intend to get two uses from them. The majority of their use will be in the guise of Polish troops in exile, and when I don't want to use them as Polish I can use them as British troops.
 I need another section, command and support for them. I will make the Polish troops Dragoons, so I will need some vehicles to make them mounted troops.
 Even though the British figures are BTD I was able to get them when someone sold them cheap on a forum. I will look around at various ranges for figures to add to the collection.

 The Paras - I need a couple more sections and support for them. Being Paras I won't need a lot of vehicles, but the army lists allow for some to be included, so I will see how I feel when the time times to expand the collection.

 For the Soviets I will start adding Warlord Games/Bolt Action figures to the collection. At the moment the BA figures are only available in unit deals, so I am holding off until I can pick and choose the figures I want when they are released as individual figures.
 I am also thinking of add Crusader Miniatures WW2 Soviets to the pool as well.

 My German collection needs to be built - I think I have made one or two of the plastic figures to see if I liked them or not, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did like them.

As mentioned in a previous post I like to tinker with Alternative History. To this end most of my games will pit Allies (and to a limited degree the Germans) against the Soviets.

 The rules I will be using will be "Rules of Engagement" from Great Escape Games.


cmnash said...

I've got a bunch of BTD Brits painted up and some Bolt Action Brits; IMO the Bolt Action are much better Shelldrake. I've ordered from BTD 2 or 3 times ... had issues once, but the other 2 were fine. Have you thought of phoning your order in?

Shelldrake said...

Yeah, I thought of phoning an order in, but the cost of an international phone call would probably cost more than the minis plus postage.

I am not too fussed about getting more BTD figures as there are better figures out there as you say, and they accept pay pal ;-)