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Dungeon Bash - Play By Blog

I am thinking of running a Dungeon Bash Play By Blog similar to my zombie PBB game currently running.

 If anyone is interested in playing you:

 a) need a copy of "Goalsystem Fantasy" that can be purchased as a PDF for $2.95 here  Unless you are in a small European country intent on destroying the world economy, most people should be able to find a bit of spare change for the small price of the rules.

b) need a photo of your character miniature that you intend to use for the game. You must either post this photo on your web site/ blog so I can save it to use for the game, or send me the photo in an email. How ever you do it, I need a copy of the image of your character.

c) create your character according to the rules mentioned in 'a)' above

d) post your desire to play the game in the comments for this particular post.

Notes - the GoalSystem Fantasy rules are a  bit limited, by comparison, to say AD&D. A full blown set of rules is being created at the moment by the author of GoalSystem Fantasy, but that doesn't help me right now. Thus if you want to play and find the rules a bit limited, I am open to negotiations should you want to play something that isn't covered by the rules.

Bonus points/ rewards will be given to players that can also provide me with photos of NPCs and monsters that I can use for the game.


Clint said...

Really enjoying the Zombie PBB. So potentially interested.

I know nothing of the rules, but as you say that's a fairly easy fix.

What is the world like? High Fantasy? Low Fantay? Book based? Historically based? Any info you can offer prior to getting the rules would be an assistance.

Shelldrake said...

:-P what defines high or low fantasy?

I might draw on some ideas taken from books for scenarios. Historical base would only be to cover different types of humans - such as vikings.

I am thinking D&D type of fantasy - elves, dwarves, orcs, skeletons, spell casters etc.

Clint said...

I would suggest the level of magic would define high or low fantasy. The more common place magic is the higher level of Fantasy. If Magic is only whispered about and is the stuff of legends and stories a very low level magic. If every village has someone able to cast fireballs and the town gaurd all have magic swords, a very High level.

At least that is how I would judge these things.

And Thanks for your swift reply.

Shelldrake said...

Cheers for the reply.

I will probably have low level spells around for magic users, but not so common that every village has them.

Magic swords will be things for quests and heroes, not town guards.

So I guess I will be at the lower magic end of things.