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'Nam Project - cards for Point Blank

I have started my next campaign game for my Point Blank Vietnam setting, and I have been tinkering with the solo system in an effort to make it easier.

Rather than have each blip move non stop around the table I now have them moving from one side to the other, and if they are not spotted when they get to the table's edge, they leave the table.

 They are then recycled into the 'blip pool'.

 If they are spotted, an encounter card is drawn to see what, if anything, the blip represents.

 This is making the use and control of blips a lot easier, and gives me greater flexibility with the enemy forces than before.

I have some blank playing cards that I am using to write down what enemy forces a blip could represent, and I have thrown in some blank cards to add to the suspense.

As they look rather boring, I searched on the internet to see if I could have cards printed out to give them a professional look.

 I found a place in the US that will print cards out, and let you choose what is on the back of each card, and even allow the text on the front of each card to be different.

For $7.95 plus postage (which I think is a realistic postage) I can have some cards printed and sent to me.

This is what they look like, based on a screen shot of the preview they offer:

I will make sure my new system works properly before I place the order, but the good thing is that I have saved them and once I am convinced I have the system working I will go ahead and order them.

As I have saved the design, I can 'tart' them up a bit by adding colour and or extra text.


Brummie said...

perhaps you should do some and sell them they look great mate.

Neat idea as well

Shelldrake said...

I don't know who would buy them, and they would need a lot more work on them before I would consider it.

But they cards will work for what I want them to do :-)

The Extraordinarii said...

Looks good mate and a reasonable price.