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'Nam project - Campaign game 2

The LRRPs were given a new mission from HQ - they were to do a Bomb Damage Assessment of a crater made from a low to medium payload. The Pilot had dropped some bombs on what he thought was a unit of NVA moving towards one of the many U.S. fire bases  in the area. Now those higher up wanted confirmation of the enemy presence in the area.

The game set up showing the crater
 The LRRPs inserted not too far from the crater, choosing to patrol into the area rather than risk being caught in an ambush at what could be a major infiltration route for the NVA.

The LRRPs begin their patrol

As they approached the crater, potential enemy activity began to show up on the other side from their approach.
The LRRPs slowly approach the crater...

The first possible encounter moves out of the AO to the top of the area.
...while a possible encounter appears and moves off
Enemy activity seems to increase as two more blips move around the AO, this time both heading towards the crater.

More possible encounters..

... as the LRRPs draw close to their objective.
Another potential encounter proves to be nothing to worry about

Enemy or not?
Not it would seem
Which might have been good for the blip

The first one cause a bit of alarm in the LRRPs, but it was a 'hit and run'. Rather than take on the LRRPs the enemy fires a 'spray and pray' in the LRRPs direction and then melts into the near by jungle. 

The threat passed, the LRRPs shake out into a line formation to  search the crater and surrounds.

More blips appear

and move closer to the LRRPs
as the LRRPs begin their search.
The next encounter turns into another hit and run as this time the LRRPs take suppressing fire before who ever the firer was melts away.

The JNR Scout is fired at.
 With the suppression dealt with and no more encounters around, the LRRPs get on with their mission.

Searching the crater and the sides.

 No sooner had they cleared the crater when torrential rain began and visibility was reduced.

Objective complete it begins to rain.

Just before the LRRPs reform into patrol single file another potential encounter arises.

Enemy or another hit and run?

Fortunately this is nothing to worry about and the LRRPs change formation before moving off to be picked up for a return to base, with their mission a success.

The LRRPs move into single file and into the jungle.

Once back at base the LRRPs pass on what intel they found; there was evidence of enemy equipment in the crater in the form of a back pack. Nothing was inside the back pack, but it was NVA issue. There was also evidence of an active enemy in the area, but not in large enough formations to openly take on the LRRP patrol.

Game notes

This is the first game I used my new card idea, and it worked really well. I rolled a lot of blips to begin with and oddly enough they all seemed to be coming from the same area.

 Each time a blip was spotted I would draw a card from my 'encounter deck' and every time it turned up 'no encounter'.  Once the game was over I found I was lucky, as the very next card in the deck was the enemy, as was a few close at hand.

 When ever a blip spotted the LRRPs before being spotted itself it would fire a burst of snap fire at the LRRPs which I considered to be harassing fire.

 This system worked really well, and when determining the enemy ratings at the start of the game I can also determine the ratio of enemy cards to no encounter cards allowing for heavy or light enemy activity in the area.

 This game was also the first time a random event came up during play, which was the torrential rain. Not a very exciting event, but one that could have allowed the enemy to get right on top of the LRRPs before they were spotted.

 I also need to do more work on my intel charts to see what type of intel the LRRPs can gather during a mission.

 This was the third game I have played using the Disposable Heroes Point Blank rules, and I am liking them a lot.  The rules are well suited to small actions involving small teams of elite troops like the LRRPs.


Mathyoo said...

Hit and run attacks are really good idea, very "guerrilish".

I guess people might find such games with almost no action kind of boring, but I think it really brings the patrol feel to the games.

Beccas said...

That looks really interesting.

Shelldrake said...

@ mathyoo - It might sound boring to some, but the system I have come up with really adds tension to the game.

Besides as I am playing a campaign I am happy not to take on regiments of VC or NVA.

@ Beccas - cheers :-)

Brummie said...

Great little AAR, It seems to work well. Look forward to see more

lrqan said...

Yeah, I agree with Brummie, loveolyn little batrep. I feel a branching out to Vietnam coming on. Must stay foucused, must stay focused. Well done.

The Extraordinarii said...

Shelldrake, good report, I did enjoy reading it, but again I think there needs to be more enemy contact or a more complex objective, having said that, your system as you have explained it seems to work really well, but still has a plethora of unexplored potential, great stuff, keep it coming mate.

Shelldrake said...

The enemy levels, including chances of contact are randomly determined before the missions starts - so far I have been lucky with the enemy, but I dare say that will change soon.

I want to make some more craters to make the DBA mission bigger and longer.

I think the next mission will be 'find the downed pilot' and that should have greater enemy numbers, as they also want the pilot.