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'Nam project - Vietnamese Hut

I have been working on making some huts for my game off and on for a little while now, and it wasn't until recently that I was put onto the idea of using a certain type of place mat to represent the woven grass walls of huts.

After buying a suitable place mat for $3 I proceeded to strip back the work I had done on my hut and quickly replaced it with cut up sections for my walls.

Seeing how effective it looks really spurred me on to finishing my hut, as seen below:

the roof looks much brighter than it really is.

The plan for the hut comes from Matakishi's web site (as seen here) and I just glued the place mat to the sides, kebab skewers along the windows and doors, and then used the bristles from a paint brush glued over cardboard I had glued in place for the roof.

 I have cut out enough walls to make three of the smaller huts shown on Matakishi's web site, and hope to have those make fairly soon so that I can have a village up and running.


Beccas said...

Great work Shelldrake. Looks great

Brummie said...

This looks fantastic Shelldrake, Good job sir!

Mathyoo said...

It looks great, the paintbrush bristles are good idea!

shintokamikaze said...

Looks great, we still have some houses with thatched roofs in eire

lrqan said...

Ab Fab! I too am a follower of Matakishi. But the matting was pure genius. Well done, lovely job.

cmnash said...

Great work Shelldrake. Matakishi's is a source of inspiration. I'm going to use the towel for thatching on that page you linked to for my dark ages huts (eventually!)