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Strange Aeons - new and old figures

For a change of pace I painted up a Reaper Miniature's figure to represent the character my friend will be playing in a Strange Aeons game.

When I showed him a few different figures along the lines of ones he would like to play he mentioned that 'this doesn't mean you can include mummies in the game'.

 What a silly thing to say.

I sent him an email with a copy of this photo in it... what I didn't mention was the really cool and neat Reaper Miniatures Mummies I have added to my wish list for a mini Strange Aeons campaign .


Lord Siwoc said...

Very dynamic pose! I like it!

And mummies.... What is not to like about an old evil you can not kill?

Beccas said...

Great painting.

Mathyoo said...

They're great!

Does he play with 2 pistols, or thats just the fig he likes?

Lovely mummy, I need to get me one, too!

lrqan said...

Great figures. Bags of action fab.

Brummie said...

Nice paintjob on Him. The figs are both excellent. Will you be publishing any batreps?