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'Nam project - sampans and cards

Despite being busy with real life these last few weeks, I have dabbled hobby wise, and this last week saw the arrival of some items I ordered at the beginning of July.

 The first to arrive was the cards I had made up for my game:

 I initially only intended to get one deck made, but the company that prints the cards was having a 4th of July sale where you could get free postage to anywhere in the world if you spent $30.

 Seeing as one deck of cards plus postage was going to cost me $24, I figured I would create the extra decks and pay the additional $6 to get the free postage.

 Each deck has its own art work so that I can't mix them up.  The decks I had made, in no particular order are:

   An enemy deck for controlling what enemy forces my LRRPs will be combating,

  A mission deck for determining which scenario I will be playing,

 An event deck for random effects during game play and,

 An asset deck for support the LRRPs can have on call. 

 I didn't take photos of all the text on the decks, but the following photo gives you an idea of how they came up:

Even before I placed the order for the decks I had placed an order for some Front Line Sampan models.  I ordered these through their Australian stockist, but it turns out they didn't have them in stock, so my order took over a month to get here.

 I am rather pleased with the sampans, especially as my figures can be placed on the stern and bow of each one and look like they were meant to be there:

Now I just need to paint them up, and I intend to make a new river section for my playing area so I can have a wider river to allow for water traffic during a game.  Who knows, one day I might even buy a River Patrol Boat for my games.

I really like the cards, and I would like to get some more made for my Strange Aeons game (these would be printed in colour this time) and for the Rhodesian War project that myself and my wargaming buddy would like to play.


Clint said...

Is that Frontline Wargaming you are reffering to? If so I can pass feedback to Tim on Sunday.

Shelldrake said...

Yep it is, but they already know as they kindly sent me a photo via email of the sampans so I would know what they look like, and I discussed the delay that would happen at the time.

Brummie said...

The cards are fantastic mate. The Sampans look good and I can't wait to see them painted up

lrqan said...

Solid stuff Shelldrake. Well done, greay idea the cards. Inspirational.