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'Naw Project - a bunker

After reading a tutorial on how to make bunkers for 20mm figures I thought I would use the basics of that tutorial to make one for my 28mm game.

 I used an old CD as a base, used foam card for the size and shape of the bunker, added kebab skewers and then did the 'earthworks'.

 Unlike some commercially made bunkers for wargames mine is perhaps a bit lower, but that suits me, as a lower profile bunker would suit the sneaky VC a lot more.

 I really wish my better camera hadn't died in the arse as I would be able to post better photos.

Given how easy it was to make, I would like to make a couple more bunkers, but I have other bits and pieces for the game to finish first.


Brummie said...

Nicely done mate.

lrqan said...

I agree with brummie. Neat work. Looks just the part. Simple effective.

Stuart said...

Looks like the real deal. I think I'm going to do mine the same way. These bunkers were meant to be invisible until you were virtually on top of them, so the lower the better.

Mathyoo said...

Lower bunkers make much more sense, obviously they'd be dug deep in the ground.

The method looks the same as I used for 15mm! Can't go wrong with some logs and piled earth!

Zerloon said...

Well done! I'd say that lower is better, in this case!