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WW2 Alternative History

One of the things I like about wargaming is the ability to play out "what if" alternative history settings.

There is a a bit of scope to do this for WW2.

 I have a setting for this where the Allies and Russia go to war, but a few years ago I came up with a different setting: China vs the Allies.

I am still ironing out the finer details for this Alternative History setting, but it is something that allows me to use the excellent Brigade Games 28mm Australians and Chinese troops.

 I have painted up a section of Aussies, and a Section plus of Chinese for a skirmish game:

With any luck I will be able to play the first game using this setting in the next week or so when my mate comes back from holidays in Queensland.


Clint said...

Alternative history is always interesting to me. Not seen those Chinese figures before, I like them.

cmnash said...

I'm intrigued ... is this a communist or nationalist China? or both!?!

More info please!

lrqan said...

Great idea. I seem to remember, when I was in the Forces, I spoke with an exchange officer from Aus. He told me that every year they held a big exercise in the Northern Terratories werein ther was a massive invasion from the Sino-Chinese. Is this the sort of thing you have in mind?

Brummie said...

Sounds good, Look forward to hearing and seeing more from this new project

Shelldrake said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

A quick bit on the background:

During the Chinese war torn period the German Army actually equipped and funded one of the Chinese armies in their civil war/revolution.

You can see where I am heading with this (I hope).

I will make a full post on the back ground in time.

@cmnash: Nationalist, although I will have Communist in the background.

@Irqan: You are partially correct. The 'Enemy' for our exercises is a fictitious Asian nation equipped with Russian gear.

Not quite where I am going with my History though.