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Strange Aeons - Shocking Tales 3

Uncle Mike's Worldwide is now taking pre orders for the next Shocking Tales book.

From the web store:

"The third issue of Shocking Tales contains 44 full-colour pages of insanity, including a terrifying trifecta of Black Dossier missions:
  • Comb the jungle for clues as you do battle with the oversized flora and fauna of Test Island #3
  • Attempt to escort Howard Philips Lovecraft to safety, as your agents are beset by the manifested horrors of his overactive imagination
  • Return to Dunwich, and struggle to undermine the new horror rising in the wild hills
  • Do battle using the unlocked power of your mind with Psychic Powers
  • Read the thrilling conclusion of Uncle Mike's serial adventure "The Council of Thirteen"
All copies of Shocking Tales #3 include a deck of sturdy plastic Zener Cards for use with the Psychic Powers rules. 

Shocking Tales #3 will have one - and only one - print run. Reserve your copy today!"

Given that it will only have one print run before being sold as a PDF only I have placed my pre-order already.

 I am interested in seeing what the psychic powers are like, and over sized flora and fauna is always fun... hopefully this will include giant venus fly traps and the like.

Those wanting their own copy can pre order it using this link: Uncle Mike's Worldwide

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