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a few goodies in the mail

This last week has seen a few hobby items turn up in my letter box.

 First is issue 3 of "Shocking Tales" for Strange Aeons. This arrive last week and has some interesting things in it.

 There are new rules for Psychic agents, but it is very hard to actually get to use them in a game, so some house rules may be in order there.

 The majority of the book is dedicated to three "Black Dossiers" (read scenarios linked together) which isn't that useful for my games, but within the Dossiers are stats for giant insects, man eating plants, Dunwich denizens and a Servitor.

 The Servitor allows me to dust of an old cthulhu miniature of a servitor that I had lying around.

 Also in the mail earlier this week was a crypt that only cost me about $3.50. This was one of the crypts from warhammer. As with most of GW items there are too many skulls on it, but it will do the job I want for my Strange Aeons games.

 When I was ordering the crypt I also found some banana trees, so I ordered those at the same time. I now have some banana trees for my Vietnam game.

 My Copplestone Castings Gangsters and Police arrived today, and just in the nick of time.

 I have been creating spreadsheets for my "Mad Dogs With Guns" game and started the campaign.  The first scenario I will be playing is the "Showdown" scenario, which pits a single opposition gang member against one of my own.

 So now I can play out the campaign turn with some actual miniatures.

 Painting wise I have started painting something I purchase over a year ago; Reaper Miniatures "Well of Doom" miniature.  This lovely, um, figure is a well with four tentacles coming out of it.

 I purchased this to use as a "scene of horror" for my Strange Aeons game.

 Photos of all will be posted soon.


lrqan said...

I know what you mean. I love getting packages from the post. I'm expecting a couple soon. hmmmmm.

Mathyoo said...

I love packages as well, but lately I found out, my enthusiasm vanishes when I have to assemble and especially paint those :D

I can't wait to get my copy of ST3, I've ordered it from BHM in the UK, so it will take a bit longer for me!

The rest of the things sounds interesting and I'm waiting for the pictures. Especially the well interests me!

Brummie said...

Cool. Look forward to your first AAR and Pics of the well mate.

cmnash said...

always nice to get new toys!

GGouveia said...

HI there, I had a few questions about Mad Dogs with Guns-

- what kind of spreadsheet did you create? Was it to track rackets in the city?

- what quetions did you ask the writer about the campaign as I had a few regarding NPC gangs and how they operate?


Shelldrake said...

G'day George,
yep, the spread sheet was just to track who controlled what in the city. This way I could see which gang controlled which racket at a glance. I think I also added a page for gang member stats so that all my data was in the one place.

I honestly can't remember what question(s) I asked the author as it was a while ago now, but I think it was along the lines of what the campaign allowed players to do i.e. progress their gang/gangsters as time goes by.