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In my last post I mentioned some things that arrived in the mail; now I have some photos to go with it.

First up is a photo showing a sample of the banana trees I purchased for my Vietnam game:

 And yes, they are as shocking to the eye as what you see in the photo.  Fortunately they lose the nuclear appearance once a bit of paint goes on them.  I have painted one up as a test and will post photos once I have based a few up ready for my game.

 The trees are just a bit taller than the 28mm figures, but they will do nicely for placing around my Vietnamese village for my games.

Next, I have some 28mm Gangster figures for my "Mad Dogs with Guns" game.

 I have painted two of the tommy gunners. One represents one of my gang members, and the other is a generic opponent.

And I painted all of the police figures that came with the tommy gunners:

 I am not so sure what to do with the bases for these figures, so painted them a grey colour to represent concrete.

 Since I purchased these figures I picked up some extra ones on ebay from an Australian seller; some female civilians, some sleuths (including the 'not Tintin' and 'not snowy' the dog) and the pack of gun molls.

 This will add to my gang and allow me to put civilian figures in harms way, which is part of the rules, so I am pleased with getting these figures.

I also purchased a crypt rather cheaply that is made by GW.  As per every thing GW there are too many spikes and skulls on their models, but fortunately I was able to cut the spikes off the top of the crypt to match my tastes a bit better.

 This will be right at home in a grave yard for my Strange Aeons games, and I really should paint up the Heresy Miniatures ghouls I have floating around somewhere.

 There is still the photo of the well I am painting up for Strange Aeons, but I want to finish the whole thing before displaying this.

During the week I was also able to get a introduction game of Bolt Action in with my friend, and I took a couple of photos. 
 I will make another post in the next day or so about this game, as it deserves a post of its own.


Clint said...

I really like the police and Gangsters. Nice paint jobs on them all. Were the banana trees from a commercial seller, or just a lucky find? (I could use some).
All the best Clint

Shelldrake said...

Cheers. The Gangster figures are actually fun to paint.

The banana trees were a lucky find from a commercial seller: http://hoardobits.com/

You will need to do a search for "banana" to find them as the link doesn't change after making the search.

Mathyoo said...

Oh the trees really hurt the eyes :D

Love the gangsters and the police, I am more and more interested in the game itself!

Also saw that crypt on few other blogs, a really nice find!! I don't know why everyone is so upset about the skulls though, they don't bother me at all :D