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Mad Dogs With Gun - my Gang

One of the fun things about "Mad Dogs With Guns" is creating your own gang.

Using the rules I have put together a gang, and I will use this post to record each character, and display the image of a figure I intend to use for each character.

Reading over the rules I have decided to create a gang with an Irish theme.

As I will be wanting to name each character, I created a name generator of Irish names so that I didn't have to struggle to come up with names.

To create a gang I have $1000 to spend on hiring and equipping the entire gang.

The first to be created is the Boss.  The Boss is free to hire, and I decided to use the dice rolling system to create him.

 I purchased a Gun Moll and an Accountant, as all Gangs need them.

An Enforcer makes up the Boss's Right Hand Man, and I had enough cash left over to hire two Hoodlums, two Sluggers and a Punk.

All figures shows are the intended figures from Copplestone Miniatures that I want to use to represent my Gang.

Claire Murphy - Gun Moll

 Ronan Fitzpatrick - Accountant

Patrick Hyde - Enforcer

Fergus Gallagher - Hoodlum 
Darcy Fitzgerald - Hoodlum
Martin McGrath - Slugger
Sean Doyle - Slugger
Reilly Magoo - Punk

 I have two packs of figures on the way that I ordered before buying the rules, one of which contains the "Hyde" figure and the other some policemen.

 When I get the figures I want for my gang I should have enough left over to make an opposition gang for scenarios which will be good.


Brummie said...

Sounds good mate. I have a few of those from ebay. Darcy I love as he has a cosh and pistol and mr Doyle has a cosh in his pocket as well

Lord Siwoc said...

They look pretty good mate! Now to make some moonshine!

lrqan said...

Looking good, buddy. I used the 'Red Box' 1/72 plastic gangsters and poilce in my world. They're not great moulds but they're cheap and usable.

cmnash said...

Oirish? well begorrah! creating your own name generator is impressive as well!

Shelldrake said...

To be sure, to be sure.

The name generator is dead easy to create.

I simply do a search on the internet for given names and surnames for a particular country and fill a chart in.